Urban Barn increased Transactions per User by 75% after deploying Hullabalook's Visual Bundles

Hullabalook's bundling technology, live on Urban Barn


uplift in Transactions per User 


uplift in Average Order Value 


uplift in Revenue per User 

Hullabalook's bundling technology, live on Urban Barn

Urban Barn has been working with Hullabalook since 2018. They were the first Canadian retailer to launch our AI technology. The success of this led them to launch Room Creator and subsequently, they have expanded the deployment of Hullabalook’s product suite even further by deploying Visual Bundles across their product pages. 

Urban Barn chose Visual Bundles because they wanted to give shoppers more confidence in their purchase and also encourage them to purchase and spend more.

Visual Bundles was launched across their sofa category and was so successful that they deployed it across bed frames too - which has been equally successful.

The challenge

Urban Barn wanted to increase attach rate, inspire shoppers and allow them to visualise multiple products together. They had already tried traditional product carousels, such as ‘you might also like’, but shoppers still had difficulty visualising and buying multi category products together easily. 

Specifically, Urban Barn wanted to: improve visualisation of their products, increase the amount of products purchased and increase overall revenue. 

The Hullabalook approach

Hullabalook’s Visual Bundles have been proven to increase conversion and attach rates. Our Visual Bundles allow shoppers to visualise and buy multiple categories of products together in one click, without leaving the PDP.

There is zero manual input required - each bundle is automatically generated, featuring the seed product and some complementary products alongside it. Every bundle is shown within a dynamically generated lifestyle image, to aid visualisation. Hullabalook’s configurable AI algorithms make recommendations based on the specific attributes of the seed product - for example, it will bundle products of the same (or similar) range, colour and price. 

Improving visualisation 

Urban Barn knows that lifestyle imagery helps them sell more, because shoppers can picture how their products will look at home. Hullabalook’s Visual Bundles present a bundle of products within a lifestyle image to help shoppers understand scale and aesthetic. By doing so, we are increasing the likelihood of purchase. The results prove this; Transactions per User are up 75% for sofas and 100% for beds.

Increasing attach

Hullabalook’s AI algorithms automatically recommend products based on a configurable set of attributes. We don't make suggestions based on general shopper characteristics (e.g age, location etc), we analyse the seed product, and then scan the rest of the catalogue to find the most compatible products. For example, If someone is viewing a bed frame product page, we will show them a bundle featuring bedside tables and chest of drawers of a similar range and colour/material/price point etc. 

We've eliminated the need for shoppers to spend hours finding the right products by automatically bundling them, and displaying them in an inspirational room scene. 

By making this shopping experience much easier, we have increased AOV on sofas by 35% and on beds by 21%.

Increase revenue 

Ultimately, Urban Barn wants to invest in technology that drives revenue. We're very proud that Hullabalook is consistently performing and increasing sales.  Across sofas, Visual Bundles has driven a 143% increase in Revenue per User, and a 142% increase for beds. 

It's especially good to see that both experiences are performing similarly - this shows us that our technology is versatile and can make an impact across multiple categories. 

We love working with Hullabalook and always feel confident that their technology will perform well. Visual Bundles has made a huge difference to our e-commerce site; our shoppers are more likely to purchase, and spend more.

Carmela Murazzo, Director of eCommerce at Urban Barn