Trail Appliances deployed Hullabalook Visual Bundles technology and increased AOV by 29%

Hullabalook's Visual Bundles live on Trail Appliances


AOV Uplift


uplift in Products per Transaction

Hullabalook's Visual Bundles live on Trail Appliances

Trail Appliances deployed Visual Bundles because they wanted to improve conversions on their product pages and increase attach rate. Since launching Visual Bundles Trail has seen a 12% uplift in Products per Transaction and a 29% increase in AOV.

How did Visual Bundles help solve Trail’s challenges?

It enables easier cross-category shopping and increases attach rate 

A lot of shoppers land on a product page from Google shopping. By bundling multi-category items, Visual Bundles improves visibility of Trail’s product catalogue, while also increasing AOV. 

It increases product page conversions 

We’ve proven that Visual Bundles increases conversion rates by improving purchase confidence. When a shopper sees a seed product alongside other products scaled to size, within a beautiful Kitchen or Laundry room setting, they are more likely to purchase it. 

It increases visibility of promotional offers & number of products purchased

Trail offers a lot of deals on certain products, for example brand led “buy more save more” promotions. Before deploying Visual Bundles, it was hard for Shoppers to create a set of products with these associated savings. Visual Bundles take into account any products with matching promotions, so shoppers can save money & are incentivised to buy more in one purchase. 

Hullabalook’s technology is a major differentiator. Our customers are exposed to a much wider product catalogue and can find everything they want to buy on a single page. Hullabalook's algorithms are able to make smart product recommendations, enabling our shoppers to quickly discover their ideal products. We love Hullabalook’s tech; it’s fun, easy to use and provides customers with a unique experience. I recommend it to any retailer looking to enhance their UX customer journey and drive revenue.

Josh Johnston, Director of Online Experience at Trail Appliances