How Mr Bricolage increased paint product click-throughs by 33%

Hullabalook live on Mr Bricolage

33% uplift

in product click-throughs 

Hullabalook live on Mr Bricolage

Mr Bricolage wanted to help their customers browse paint shades online and feel inspired to start their paint design projects. They enlisted Hullabalook to help them achieve their objectives. 

Mr Bricolage were looking for a technology provider who could help them to;

- Improve their overall customer experience (CX)

- Help customers visualise paint shades online 

- Increase product click-throughs 

They replaced their coloured paint listing pages with Hullabalook’s AI technology. This was a huge success - they saw a 33% increase in the number of people visiting one or more paint PDPs and a significant increase in revenue. 

The Results

What do customers care about the most when they are buying paint? Colour. Hullabalook deployed a tailored Product Listing Page (PLP) with this in mind. Now, Mr Bricolage customers can find, browse and visualise paint shades without ever leaving a single page.

How does Hullabalook solve the challenges faced by Mr Bricolage 

Improve the overall CX 

Mr Bricolage customers often view multiple shades of paint before they make a purchase. Traditional navigation requires you to click and open multiple pages to view more than one product. This is a time-consuming, frustrating CX. 

Hullabalook’s paint PLP requires minimal clicks and is much easier to navigate. Customers start by selecting a colour group, which is then sorted by the specific shade they are looking for. Our AI product enrichment & computer vision algorithms enable us to more precisely find the right product for each shopper. We can identify the exact HEX value colour of a product from the product imagery – so each shopper can find the perfect shade.

Hullabalook-powered pages update instantaneously without any page reloads, so customers have a super-quick, seamless experience.

By reducing the number of clicks or pages customers need to visit, we have alleviated frustrations and enabled quicker product discovery. 

We’ve also increased the amount of customers clicking through to paint products,  ultimately increasing revenue.

Help customers visualise colour and increase confidence in their purchase 

Mr Bricolage wanted to alleviate the challenges of visualising, and purchasing, paint products online. Now, thanks to Hullabalook, buying paint from Mr Bricolage is a playful, engaging experience. We have thought about the user and built a product discovery experience which makes colour exploration and visualisation easy. 

Traditional paint listing pages lack real visualisation tools. Nobody can imagine a colour by looking at a paint can - they need a visual aid. Hullabalook’s Paint PLP automatically renders any chosen shade onto the walls of a lifestyle image, to help customers understand how the colour will look at home. This works instantaneously, so they can easily compare multiple shades - think of it as the digital equivalent to ordering tester pots and painting your walls with multiple shades. 

By making it easy to explore colour, we have increased the number of paint products customers click on & ultimately purchase.

We enlisted Hullabalook’s help because we wanted to improve category sales and increase revenue. I’m delighted that we’ve achieved both of these things. Thanks to Hullabalook, more of our customers are browsing, clicking on, and buying products online.

Cécile Guillemot, Digital Data, Brand and Content Manager at Mr Bricolage