How Heal’s increased modular sofa RpU by 385% using Hullabalook’s technology

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The Modular Furniture Configurator in action on Heal's website


uplift in Revenue per User


uplift in Transactions per User


increase in AOV

8 weeks

implementation time 

*comparison set: shoppers who visited a Modular Furniture Configurator page vs those who didn’t but who did visit one or many modular sofa PDPs.

*comparison set: shoppers who visited a Modular Furniture Configurator page vs those who didn’t but who did visit one or many modular sofa PDPs.

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The Challenges Heal’s Faced

Many retailers struggle to make modular products ‘shoppable’ on their sites, leading to a frustrating shopping experience. 

Heal’s wanted to make their modular sofa ranges purchasable online in a safe way; for customers, this meant ensuring correct configurations. For Heal’s, it meant less returns and a better customer experience. 

Heal’s wanted to address 3 specific user challenges:

#1 Clunky user experience 

Relying on a traditional site navigation meant Heal’s shoppers had to browse sofa modules on a PLP, then spend a lot of time dipping in and out of individual PDPs to cross-check information and work out specific sizes before making a purchase decision. This user experience was clunky and time consuming.  

#2 Compatibility issues

After doing all of the discovery legwork above, shoppers had to decide whether they could actually fit their module pieces together. Each module PDP lacked the configuration information needed to make this decision, so there was a lot of room for error.  

#3 Purchase uncertainty

Shoppers are often reluctant to make modular sofa purchases online, out of fear that they will make the wrong configuration decisions. If they do make the purchase, mistakes are often made which leads to high return rates. 

Why Hullabalook?

Heal’s didn’t have the technology in-house to address these challenges. They needed a technology provider who could overcome the complexities of data associated with their modular sofa ranges, while also providing a simple UX. 

Understanding the size and compatibility of each individual module in relation to the other modules – and doing so in real-time – is a highly complex task. Hullabalook are experts in visualising data. Heal’s knew this, so enlisted them to help.

The Solution: Hullabalook’s Modular Furniture Configurator

Heal’s wanted to provide customers with a tool to select, customise and purchase modular sofa pieces with ease. How does Hullabalook’s Modular Furniture Configurator solve their challenges?

Shoppers can configure and purchase their modular sofa on a single page

Using the Modular Furniture Configurator, shoppers can play around with endless module combinations. They can check sizing, customise colours and see the total price before checking out in one click. 

Instant compatibility recommendations 

Hullabalook calculates the size and compatibility of each individual module in real-time. When using the Modular Furniture Configurator to configure their sofa, shoppers can see which modules ‘attract’ or ‘repel’ each other – just like a magnet. Our technology doesn’t allow shoppers to fit incompatible module pieces together, mitigating any configurability problems. 

Shoppers are more confident, and more likely to purchase 

We’ve proven that shoppers who use the Modular Furniture Configurator are 173x more likely to make a transaction. They also feel more confident in making a bigger purchase, with AOV up 201%.

Hullabalook has revolutionised the way Heal’s sells modular sofas online. Not only have they doubled our revenue from modular sofa sales, they have also vastly improved the customer journey, making it much easier and quicker for customers to buy our products. We’re thrilled with its success, and plan to roll out the experience across our new modular sofa ranges.

Mark Hammond, Head of Ecommerce at Heal’s