Castlery deployed Hullabalook technology in 3 markets and increased AOV by 16%

Hullabalook technology, live on

Hullabalook technology, live across 3 Castlery domains

16% AOV Uplift 

Hullabalook technology live on

Castlery wanted to increase multi-category purchases across their US, Singapore and Australia sites. As a predominantly pure play retailer, they knew that visualisation was key for increasing the number of products sold in one transaction. Hullabalook’s Room Creator was an instant match; shoppers can explore their catalogue on a single page, and easily visualise product combinations before checking out.

Castlery had 5 main requirements. Hullabalook delivered on each one. 

“We want to increase multi-category purchases“

Room Creator has increased AOV by 16%:

Since deploying Hullabalook’s Room Creator technology across all markets, Castlery has seen an AOV increase averaging 16%.  This is a combination of increased items per basket, and more expensive items purchased. 

“We want to make product discovery easy”

Our Smart Grid technology makes product discovery easy:

Shoppers can navigate Castlery’s product catalogue on a single page. Our Smart Grid technology makes it easy to browse different categories and find the right products to buy. Each time a shopper shows some intent, such as clicking on a product, our Smart Grid responds instantly to their choices, re-ranking the grid to feature products with similar attributes e.g same range, fabric, or leg types - at the top of the grid. This way, shoppers are always shown the most relevant products first. Read more about our smart grid technology. 

“We want it to be part of our core shopping journey” 

Room Creator has been integrated within the core user journey & marketing channels:

Castlery wanted an experience that worked seamlessly across multiple touchpoints on-site (and omni channel in Singapore). We worked with Castlery to implement dynamic banners across their product detail and landing pages. Castlery also deployed a multi-faceted marketing campaign, promoting the experience via email, social, influencer marketing channels and in their Singapore-based showroom. 

“We want to help shoppers visualise our products”

Room Creator takes the guesswork out of product scale and styling: 

The visualisation element of Room Creator allows shoppers to create unique room settings, which can be purchased or shared and saved for future reference. Having the ability to visualise products together - for example understanding scale - hugely increases purchase confidence and leads to increased Transactions per User as well as increased AOV. 

“We want to make the most of our 3D product models”

We have integrated 3D product models alongside 2D products:

We worked with Castlery to implement this new feature ready for launch. 3D products offer enhanced visualisation & personalisation for shoppers, so we wanted to find a way to integrate them within the Room Creator experience - read this blog to find out more about this feature.

Hullabalook are great to work with - they felt like an extension of our own team, rather than an external tech provider. Room creator has hit all of our original objectives; it has been really popular with shoppers and has increased revenue so we’re excited to promote it even more.

Gail Schwartz, Senior eCommerce Product Manager, Castlery